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Buyers and Sellers of Fine Appalachian Timber

CT Hardwoods LLC

We are a family owned wood products producer operating in the Appalachian region of West Virginia.

Within the climate and altitude of the Appalachia, CT Hardwoods produces lumber, saw logs and veneer logs from one of the highest quality hardwood harvest areas in the USA.

Tradition for Generations

Having generations of family members in the timber industry dating back to the 1930's, CT Hardwoods has a rich history in buying standing timber, logging, log and lumber transportation.

Our mission is to develop a lasting relationship with all our customers by delivering the highest quality hardwood products and services at competitive prices, with great customer service.

Domestic and International Sales

Lumber species sold: Ash, Basswood, Beach, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Walnut

Domestic Sales

Products sold to Domestic companies include:
Cants - Green
Pallet lumber - Green
Barn wood
Tomato Stakes
Mud Mats  

Logs are sold to log buyers.

By Products include Sawdust, Chips, and Bark

International Sales

International Sales for Business to Business and Commodity agents/middlemen

Logs are sold to log buyers, international agents

Logs, Lumber

by-product sales

Purchasing Timber and Logs


We buy standing timber via many means of sale but one of the most important and one that we are very proud about is our purchases from private landowners.  We will cruse your timber and sit down with you and come up with a plan that best suites you and your needs.

Private land owners as are one of our most valuable resources in our supply chain.  If you have a stand of timber and have considered selling, we will give you an evaluation and options that suit the future of your stand of timber, the market for the size and species you have and your personal goals for a job that suits your needs and the needs of your land.  There are many considerations and options one needs to take when considering the sale of their standing timber.


There are many reasons people entertain the option of selling their timber.  For many, this is one of the most important things to them.  We have worked with many land owners where their timber has been a near life long process of care and nurture to some day harvest for profit.  Many have entrusted us to harvest timber on what is truly the legacy of their family farm or home place.  This is where we excel.  


What makes us different than others is that we have the time to do the job right because we are under contract with you and no one else.  We do not contract cut for large purchasing firms that require a logging firm to get in and get out if they are ever going to make any money.  We have the pleasure of being able to work with you to do a good job that in the long run results in a job done in a better more efficient way.  This leads to better care of your land, better finish of your job and more profits from your timber.

What makes us different than most independent loggers and timber buying firms are that we are under contract with you and no one else.  We do not contract cut for large purchasing firms.  We partner with you to harvest your timber, on your land.

Not all stands of timber are the same.  We go the extra to ensure that our landowner partners are briefed and have an understanding of the plan we develop together.  

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